Men’s Reproductive Rights

I am consistently confused about popular attitudes towards the treatment of men in terms of becoming a parent.

Why is it okay for a woman to blackmail a man with paternity, when he was assured that she was on birth control and would not have willingly engaged in sexual conduct if he had known that there was a risk that it would result in a child?

Why is it okay for a woman to simultaneously not seek a man’s consent to procreate, and claim child support for a child that he either didn’t want or didn’t know about?

Why is it okay for a woman to seek remuneration from a man three years into a child’s life, and guilt-trip him into “taking responsibility” for his actions, when she had more than enough time to discuss the situation with him before, and had her own responsibility to use contraception. I don’t believe it should be okay for a man to be sprung with parental responsibility that far down the track.

Why is a woman’s desire to have children more important than the┬áman’s willingness to be a father? She can choose to be a mother but what about his choice? You can’t have that cake and eat the guilt-tripping that men suffer as a result, too.

No doubt there are loads of couples out their who have communicated with each other about the prospect of parenthood, that want kids and are ready to start a family. Just as there are couples who are functioning just fine without children and aren’t trying to muck about with each other’s contraceptive rights and responsibilities.

Ladies, this isn’t just about you.



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